City Link Express Malaysia Trace and Tracking

Trust City Link Express Malaysia for prompt and trustworthy delivery services, providing a hassle-free experience for all your shipping needs.

City Link is another example of significant growth in the logistics and courier industry in Asia.  This is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the market but has become popular now. Given its growth and popularity in recent years, it has been able to expand into other international markets.  

City Link Express is an example of the brand’s expansion into the world’s most lucrative markets. Now, we’ll learn how to track our packages on City Link.

City Link Express Tracking

How to Track Your Packages on City Link Express

You can track packages using 3 different ways and with the same virtual platform. With the virtual platform found on the website, users can use City Link Express Malaysia tracking.

1. Using Tracking Number

As a first option, we can use a tracking number to get the package location or delivery process.

2. Using Address

As a second option, in addition to using a tracking number, the user can use the address to which the package was sent. In this case, the user must provide detailed information and the order of the service contract.

3. Business Services

The last option is aimed at business customers. The customer must use the destination address, the name of the company contracting the service, and the contract order number.

City Link Express courier tracking service can be used to find packages anywhere in the world. To track using the tracking number, you can follow this following steps:

  1. Get to the internet and visit City Link Track Shipment
  2. Click the link above then choose “Track Your Shipment”
  3. Find tracking number and fill it in the blank, then click Track
  4. Wait and your shipment information will be shown
Citylink Express Malaysia Tracking
Citylink Express Malaysia Tracking

The City Link Express tracking number consists of 15 characters in a combination of numbers and letters. It is digitally embedded in private servers to protect customer data. You can also download the City Link Express App both for Android and iOS to make your tracking easier.

City Link Express Services

City Link has become a reference in countries such as Thailand, Singapore, and China. However, its operational infrastructure allows shipments to more than 200 countries worldwide. City Link can reach countries in Europe and Latin America, and even countries like the United States. 

City Link Express provides their best quality courier services such as Doorstep Delivery, International Delivery, Same Day Delivery, and many more. Here are the details:

1. Doorstep Delivery

City Link Pickup Services
City Link Pickup Services

This door-to-door services for both B2B and B2C. This service supports domestic and international last mile delivery.

2. International Delivery

City Link Express services support International Express Logistics. It manages the entire global logistics process. The logistics services combined throughout the chain ensures that your consignments are delivered safely, correctly, on time and on budget.

3. Same Day Delivery

This service is only applicable within Klang Valley. Everyday, shipment will be collected and delivered within the same day, before 6pm. 

4. Other Services

City Link Express provides other services such as air and sea frigate, corporate mailroom, reverse collection service, e-commerce integration, pre-paid facility and more.

How to Contact City Link Express

You can contact City Link Express by following information:

Company NameCity-Link Express
Head OfficeWisma City-Link, 3A, Jalan Arkitek U1/22, Hicom-glenmarie Industrial Park, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone Numbers+ 603-5033-3800
FacebookCity-Link Express

City Link offers a personalized service that seeks to establish close relationships with its customers.  In this way, the brand tries to differentiate itself from other companies and tries to gain the trust of loyal and new customers. May this article be useful for customers to find the best delivery service company.