How to Factory Reset AirPods

How To Factory Reset Airpods

Your AirPods might need to reset after some time, and it is normal. You can learn how to factory reset AirPods since it is easy and you don’t need a technician to do this. It is actually like disconnecting the device. However, the result is expected to be more than that.

Once you reset the AirPod, the control, and settings that you have made in the past will change. If you have connected them with some devices previously, you might need to reconnect them again manually. Here are the steps to reset your AirPods to improve their performance.

How to Factory Reset AirPods

Resetting the AirPods is normal when you find some issues such as the AirPods will not charge and some issues that you face that make your experience bad. It is a good way to solve the problem, but you need to follow the steps, so the function as the result is excellent.

  • If your AirPods are outside the case, put them back in it then close the lid.
  • Wait about 30-60 seconds before you open the lid again.
  • Wear the pods in your ears.
  • Go to your other device and open the setting.
  • Click Bluetooth.
  • Go to Setting.
  • If you see the AirPods are connected, click Forget This Device.
If You See The Airpods Are Connected, Click Forget This Device
If You See The Airpods Are Connected, Click Forget This Device
  • If you don’t see the AirPods are connected, put them on the case.
  • Press the setup button for 15 seconds.
  • Reconnect the AirPods to the device and enjoy the performance.

Reasons Why The Factory Reset Fails

Factory resetting AirPods is usually a straightforward process. However, there are instances where users might encounter problems. Here are some reasons why the factory reset for AirPods might fail:

The Case Is Dirty
The Case Is Dirty
  1. Battery Issues:
    • Insufficient charge: If the AirPods or the case don’t have enough battery, the reset might not complete.
    • Case battery drain: A malfunctioning charging case might not supply the necessary power to complete the reset.
  2. Hardware Damage:
    • Physical or water damage to either the AirPods or the charging case can prevent the reset process from being executed.
  3. Firmware Glitches:
    • Sometimes, the software running on the AirPods can encounter bugs or glitches, making the reset process unresponsive.
  4. Faulty Button on the Case:
    • The reset process involves pressing and holding the button on the charging case. If this button is malfunctioning, the reset won’t initiate.
  5. Improper Reset Process:
    • Not holding the button long enough or not following the reset steps correctly can lead to an unsuccessful reset.
  6. Bluetooth Interference:
    • Nearby devices or electronic interferences can sometimes disrupt the reset process, especially if they were previously paired with the AirPods.
  7. Outdated Firmware:
    • In rare instances, having an outdated firmware version might prevent the reset process. It’s a good idea to ensure your device and AirPods are updated to the latest software versions.
  8. Sync Issues with Paired Device:
    • If the AirPods are still actively connected to a device, there might be sync issues that prevent the reset.
  9. Internal Memory Issues:
    • Like any other electronic device, AirPods have internal memory. Issues or glitches with this memory can sometimes hinder the reset process.

If you encounter issues while trying to factory reset your AirPods, it’s recommended to contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store for assistance.

Contacting Apple Support

If you have done those methods to factory reset, but the performance is still bad, then you have to contact Apple Support. The issues you find while using the AirPods might be coming from the hardware. They will ask for the serial number of your AirPods, so you have to prepare it.

How to factory reset AirPods is not difficult, and the steps are simple. You need to check the possibility of the cause first before taking action. However, resetting the AirPods will not bring any damage to the device. You only have to reset all settings previously to the other device.