How To Install Orange Data Mining & Anaconda Navigator on CentOS 8 Stream

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Anaconda is a Python distribution and R programming languages for scientific computing purposes, especially for machine learning, data science, predictive analytics, large-scale data processing and much more. Anaconda have main purposes to simplify package management and deployment which is suitable for several operating system, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

While Orange Data Mining is an open-source machine learning, data visualization platform, and data analysis toolkit. It actively developed and maintenanced by the University of Ljubljana. Orange has a visual programming front-end for explorative rapid qualitative data analysis and interactive data visualization.

Installing and configuring Orange data mining and Anaconda Navigator on CentOS 8 Stream is quite easy. Let’s follow this tutorial to install both open-source software via CLI interface.

1.) Install Anaconda3

First of all, let’s install the latest version of Anaconda3 on your CentOS 8 Stream machine.

System Requirements for Navigator:

* Windows 8 or newer, 32-bit or 64-bit.
* MacOS 10.13+, 64-bit.
* Ubuntu 14+/Centos6+, 64-bit.

$ wget

Then, run the installer if your system don’t have Anaconda installed previously.

$ bash
Do you accept the license terms? [yes|no]
[no] >>>
Please answer 'yes' or 'no':'
>>> yes

Anaconda3 will now be installed into this location:

- Press ENTER to confirm the location
- Press CTRL-C to abort the installation
- Or specify a different location below

[/root/anaconda3] >>> /home/node35/anaconda3

Do you wish the installer to initialize Anaconda3
in your /root/.bashrc ? [yes|no]
[no] >>> yes

Initializing Anaconda3 in /root/.bashrc
A backup will be made to: /root/.bashrc-anaconda3.bak

For this change to become active, you have to open a new terminal.

Thank you for installing Anaconda3!

2.) Run Anaconda3 or Anaconda-Navigator on Non-Superuser Privileges (non-root user).

This should be done on your end, since Anaconda-Navigator is not actually allowing you to run with superuser priveleges (root user).

$ export PATH="$PATH:/home/node35/anaconda3/bin"

Then run this command to make Anaconda3 work on GUI mode with Navigator app.

$ anaconda-navigator

However, if you want to run Anaconda Navigator on Superuser Privileges, simply run the following command.

$ source /home/node35/anaconda3/bin/activate root

3.) Install and Configure Orange Data Mining

After we have Anaconda installed on our CentOS 8 machine, we can moving forward to install Orange3 biolab.

$ conda config --add channels conda-forge
$ conda install orange3
$ conda install -c defaults pyqt=5 qt

Then simply run this command to start Orange3 aplication

$ orange-canvas


Installing both softwares on CentOS 8 Stream is easy enough, you just need to have relax time to installing the softwares. However, you may find difficulty when operating the software, both navigator and orange.