How to Name a Group Text on iPhone 12

How To Name A Group Text On Iphone 12

How to name a group text on iphone 12 might be a little bit different compared with the older version of iphone. Since iphone 12 is considered as new versions, there are some new features it brings for Message app. For instance, you can create Memoji along with changing their saturation and lightness.

That’s why chatting with iphone 12 can be so much fun, especially if you have a group text with your close friends. If you want to make your text group special and memorable, you can create a great or unique name. Thanks to iphone 12 that makes naming a group text becomes much easier.

How to Name a Group Text and iPhone 12 Easily

Naming a group text on iphone 12 might be something fun to do. However, most importantly, you need to know how to backup important messages in the group as well. You can perform both methods such as follows:

1. Name a Group Text on iPhone 12

Before naming the group text on your iphone, you need to start a group chat previously. You can do it by send a message to the contact lists that will become group members. If you don’t do this, you cannot discover “Enter a Group Name” option that will help you to give the group’s name.

To create a grop chat, you need to open the Message app and tap the Edit button appear on the upper right corner of iphone’s screen. Add the contacts that will become group members by tapping on “+” icon. Enter the messages and tap “Send” to deliver the messages to the contacts you have selected.

Next, practice these following steps on how to name a group text on iphone 12:

  • Like when you want to make a group chat, you also need to open Message app, before you give the name of the group.
  • Next, tap the group chat that you want to change its name.
  • Tap the top conversation in the text group and tap “i” icon to make some edits.
  • Tap on “Enter a Group Name” option. (In this step, the changing group name option might not appear. If so, it is apparently due to a group member that hasn’t used iMessage).
Name A Group Text On Iphone 12
Name A Group Text On Iphone 12
  • If the option appears, enter the new name of the text group.
  • Tap “Done” to confirm the process and save the changes.

To make sure naming group text run successfully, you have to make sure that all group members use iMessage by turning on this feature on their phones. This naming methods only works on iphone 12 and 13 so if you use iphone 11 or older, this text group changing function is no longer supportive.

2. Backup Group Text Messages on iPhone 12

Besides knowing how to name a group text messages on iphone 12, it will be really helpful to know how to backup the messages. Text messages in the group might include important information and unforgettable conversation between its members so you need to backup them to computer.

To save the important messages, most iphone users are likely creating backup through iTunes or iCloud. However, the downside of storing messages in iTunes or iCloud is you don’t have permission to check the backup files of the messages.

It means you only can check the backed up messages after you restore them to your iphone again. To overcome this, you can use a third-party app called “AnyTrans”. This app enables iphone users to backup text messages into computer and check them anytime they want.


How to name a group text on iphone 12 can be done easily as long as you have made the group chat and all its members use iMessage feature but it only support iphone 12 or newer versions.