How to Not Show Name on Text Message iPhone

How To Not Show Name On Text Message Iphone

Text messages received by the iphone will appear on the lock screen by default. That’s why people wants to know how to not show name on text message iphone because sometimes it makes them uncomfortable. Messages received might contain privacy and safety issue so it will be better to hide them.

Hiding the text messages from the iphone screen will prevent them to red by other people. It also protects your iphone to be accessed by other people who know the locked-pass. Fortunately, iphone comes with a function that allow its users to not displaying the text messages on screen.

2 Ways on How to Not Show Name on Text Message iPhone

Knowing that nearby people around us looking on text messages on our iPhone might break our privacy. That’s why you can try some of these methods to hide the name of the text message.

1. Common Ways to Not Showing Name on Text Message

There are two common ways that iphone users commonly do to not display the name on the text message such as follows:

  • Turn the Show Previews Off

Going through Show Previews is the easiest and quickest way that people choose to overcome an appearing messages on the iphone’s lock screen. To hide the message using show previews feature, you need to go into “Settings” menu first. Choose “Notifications” and click on “Messages”.

Turn The Show Previews Off
Turn The Show Previews Off

Next, scroll down the page and find “show previews” option. Slide the button to turn of this feature. After that, when there is any text message comes into your iphone, the content of the message won’t be displayed on the lock screen.

  • Turn the Show on Lock Screen Off

The next common way on how to not show name on text message iphone is managing the Lock Screen feature. Like the previous method, you have to go to “Settings” and select “Notifications”. Then, choose “Messages” option.

Turn The Show On Lock Screen Off
Turn The Show On Lock Screen Off

Secondly, discover “Show on Lock Screen” option and slide it to turn off the displaying function on the lock screen. By doing so, you will never find ant message notifications again appeared in your iphone’s lock screen.

2. Hide Name on Text Message for an Individual Sender

If there is specific person whose messages want to be hidden from the lock screen, you can try to not showing the text message for individual senders. Here are several steps on how to not show text message name on iphone for an individual or specific name.

  • Get into “Settings” and tap on “Notifications” which appear on iphone screen.
  • Scroll down the iphone screen to look for “Messages” option. Select “Allow notifications” in this page.
  • Next, activate the Messages app and try to discover the conversation with specific person in your contact that will be hidden.
  • Open the message and tap on “I” icon that appear in the right upper corner of iphone screen. ‘
  • Select “Hide Alerts” so that you cannot see any alert if that person sends you message and it comes to your message thread.
Select “hide Alerts” So That You Cannot See Any Alert If That Person Sends You Message And It Comes To Your Message Thread
Select “hide Alerts” So That You Cannot See Any Alert If That Person Sends You Message And It Comes To Your Message Thread
  • Open “Messages”, you will see “Do Not Disturb” option next to conversation disappears.

These following simple methods also can be alternative way to hide text messages from individual senders.

  • Visit your contact book and remove the person’s contact by tapping on “Edit”. Select “Delete Contact” on the page.
  • Move to the Message settings and activate “Filter Unknown Senders”. This method will sort out unknown senders to the independent list.
Filter Unknown Senders”
Filter Unknown Senders”

Message notifications from senders in this list will be silence. By then, you will not see any text messages from the people on the list appear on lock screen.

How to not show name on text message iphone can be conducted for all the contacts and specific contacts. You can choose text message silence option based on your privacy needs.