Morrisons and Israel: A Deep Dive into Their Possible Connections

Morrisons and Israel: A Deep Dive into Their Possible Connections

Morrisons, the UK’s fifth largest supermarket chain, is currently facing intense scrutiny from consumers who are questioning its ethical stance and sourcing practices in relation to Israel. This scrutiny comes as a result of allegations that Morrisons may be profiting from Israeli settlements.

The controversy surrounding Morrisons’ potential ties to Israel has raised serious concerns about the company’s commitment to responsible business practices. In this article, we will delve deeper into the allegations against Morrisons and explore the wider implications of this controversy.

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Morrisons Supports Israeli Settlements

It is alleged by War on Want that Morrisons and other UK supermarkets profit from the Israeli occupation of Palestine by selling goods from illegal settlements.

The Fair Play Campaign Group responds with a “buycott” campaign, which causes an increase in sales of Israeli products at Morrisons outlets. Despite increasing pressure, Morrisons continues to claim that it does not acquire goods from occupied territories and conducts traceability checks on items labeled as ‘Produce of Israel.’

  • Morrisons and other supermarkets have been accused by UK charity War on Want of profiting from Israel’s occupation of Palestine by selling produce from illegal settlements.
  • The “buycott” campaign initiated by the Fair Play Campaign Group to counter anti-Israel boycotts has led to a surge in sales of Israeli products at Morrisons stores.
  • Despite boycott calls and protests, Morrisons has defended its sourcing practices, stating it conducts traceability checks on products labeled as ‘Produce of Israel’ and does not source goods from occupied territories.
  • It is alleged that Morrisons is benefiting from the illegal occupation of Palestine and supporting Israel’s illegal settlements.

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Given the complex ethical and political nuances that exist within the Israel-Palestine conflict, Morrisons is currently under intense scrutiny. As consumers, it is our responsibility to consider the impact of our purchasing decisions.

Advocates are pushing for greater transparency and accountability from corporations like Morrisons, encouraging them to uphold ethical standards and align their practices with the sentiments of the public.


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