How to Activate iPhone Announce Caller Name as your Ringtone

Ringtone Iphone Announce Call

Ringtone iphone announce call helps iphone user’s to identify the incoming calls. Announce calls is a feature in the iphone and when it is activated, Siri reveals the name of the person making a call based on the contacts app. This feature enables Siri to announce the calls received by your iphone.

If the number is not listed in the contacts, Siri will speak it as “unknown caller”. Ringtone for the announce call can be set differently to make you easier in determining who is calling. You can set the ringtone for each caller with the default ringtones on the iphone or use any song you saved in your iphone.

How to Customize Ringtone iPhone Announce Call

You can either make iphone uses caller name or ringtone to identify the announce call. Both require different steps to set up such as follows:

1. How to Make Iphone Use Caller’s Name for Announce Call

To identify the incoming calls directly with the name of the caller, you can follow these steps:

  • Open your iphone and go to Setting app.
  • Scroll down the menu and choose “Phone” option.
  • Tap on “Announce Call” option.
Tap On “announce Call” Option
Tap On “announce Call” Option
  • There will be several options of caller name you can choose. (“Always”: announce caller’s name in any case, “Headphones Only”: announce calls anytime the headphone is plugged in, “Headphone & Car”: announce caller name if user is either wearing headphone or in a car.)
  • To turn off Announce Caller, you can select “Never” option. This will prevent your iphone to speak any caller name when it receive an incoming call.
To Turn Off Announce Caller, You Can Select “never” Option. This Will Prevent Your Iphone To Speak Any Caller Name When It Receive An Incoming Call.
To Turn Off Announce Caller, You Can Select “never” Option.

2. How Set Ringtone for Each Contact on Iphone

Set different ringtone iphone announce call for each contact in contact book can be a great way to personalize your iphone. Besides, it helps you to find out who is calling without looking on the iphone. Here are the steps to set ringtone for each caller on the iphone.

  • Launch the Phone app by tapping on it.
  • Choose “Contacts” option.
  • Find the person in the contact list whom you want to change for ringtone by searching their name on the searching box or by scrolling within the list.
  • If you have found the name, tap on it and open the contact information.
  • Choose “Edit” to make contact information customizable.
  • Swipe done this and tap on the “Ringtone” option.
Swipe Done This And Tap On The “ringtone” Option
Swipe Done This And Tap On The “ringtone” Option
  • The list of ringtone announce caller available on your iphone will appear on screen. It covers alert tones and built-in ringtones from iphone along with ringtones have been created by the iphone’s user. The ringtones bought from the Apple will be displayed in the dialog box.
  • Tap on the ringtone you prefer to hear a preview before you actually select it for assigning the announce call.
Tap On The Ringtone You Prefer To Hear A Preview Before You Actually Select It For Assigning The Announce Call.
Tap On The Ringtone You Prefer To Hear A Preview Before You Actually Select It For Assigning The Announce Call.
  • Tap on the ringtone you want to apply to the name in the contact to put a check mark next to it.
  • Choose “Done” option to re-launce the contact’s edit screen. Here, you can see the ringtone you have selected previously appeared next to specific contact name.
  • Tap “Done” option on the right upper corner of the edit screen to save the change and finish the setting ringtone process.
  • The process is complete and anytime the person calls you, the ringtone you selected will ring to determine who is calling you.

The iphone uses same default ringtone for all the contacts to inform incoming calls. This will remain the same except you change it. For simple option, iphone users perhaps will user caller name to identify them easily. However, if you like something more fun, ringtone become a great option to go.

Ringtone iphone announce call can be changed to help iphone’s users identify the callers easily. Both caller name and ringtones work well to make iphone users know who’s calling without looking on their device.