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Empowering Clean Business Practices


Wholeheartedly supporting the BDS Movement, we provide tools, information, and in-depth insights on global ethical business, with a focus on Middle Eastern issues, advocating for freedom from oppression worldwide.

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Israeli Product

Delving into tech, food, cosmetics, and restaurants, we provide a concise list categorizing companies by industry. Links offer insights into their connections with Israel.

Business Leaders Involved


Examining public figures, CEOs, business owners, and investors with contentious ties to Israel, our scrutiny unveils a narrative extending beyond their professional roles, prompting ethical questions about their connections.

Discovering the Retail Landscape

Fashion Cover

Furthermore, we unveil the charm of the largest retail stores across various countries, offering a diverse range of products, from clothing, fashionable home decor to essential groceries and cutting-edge electronics.

Brand Spotlight

    Halal Evaluation

      We strive to reshape business in media and tangible sectors, championing a clean ecosystem that vehemently opposes apartheid practices globally. Our dedication lies in forging a corporate landscape that prioritizes ethics, rejecting any support for apartheid.

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