AI Highlights: Google Cloud, UK's AI Hackathon & More

by Mayniaga

1. Google Cloud introduces Vertex AI Search for healthcare professionals

This service empowers healthcare professionals and organizations to efficiently retrieve precise clinical information using Google's AI-driven search capabilities.

Participants will explore AI's potential in diverse scenarios, such as grading exam papers and crafting lesson plans.

2. UK announces AI hackathon

Currently possessing 197 exaflops of processing power, China aims to increase this figure to 300 exaflops, potentially benefiting various sectors, including finance and education.

3. China to ramp up computing capabilities

Vera Jourova, EU's Vice-President for Values and Transparency, highlighted the shared outlook between the EU and Japan regarding AI and generative AI during an interview with Reuters.

4. EU finds common ground with Japan on generative AI

These services are designed to address three key areas: end-to-end security for enhanced experiences, elevating the guest experience, and optimizing gaming operations.

5. Core BTS launches AI consulting services

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