AI Phones on the Horizon

by Mayniaga

This week, Samsung is set to unveil its latest phones, promising the most AI-centric devices yet. The anticipation builds on the momentum of CES 2024's "Put a ChatGPT on it" trend.

The Galaxy Unpacked event serves as a stage to reveal the potential of AI on mobile devices, moving beyond tech demos and showcasing practical applications.

However, advancements are underway; the Pixel 8 Pro, for instance, can run Google's foundation models on-device.

While AI made a big impact in 2023, its presence on mobile devices has been relatively limited.

Google's Assistant with Bard, a ChatGPT-style AI chatbot, shows promise, hinting at more complex tasks. Samsung's teaser visuals suggest a potential connection with Bard in their upcoming announcements.

Recent Pixel updates introduced AI capabilities, such as using AI to summarize Recorder transcripts. However, limitations exist, like the inability to handle lengthy recordings.

This intriguing device, though potentially absorbed by future phones, underscores the growing readiness of users to leverage AI for managing digital tasks, as evidenced by the tens of thousands who preordered the R1 within the first week.

The Rabbit R1, a breakout star from CES 2024, offers a unique approach as an AI assistant for phones.

The event holds the promise of revealing the next evolution in AI integration on smartphones.

As we await the Galaxy S24 series launch, the question lingers: will it unveil a future where AI transforms our digital interactions, or will it merely be another tech demo?

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