AI Safety Summit's Day One: A Glimpse

by Mayniaga

The government has unveiled the schedule for the opening day of its AI Safety Summit in November, which will prominently address the risks associated with frontier AI.

The two-day event, slated for November 1st at Bletchley Park, will kick off with simultaneous sessions devoted to comprehending the risks of frontier AI, with a particular focus on national security implications.

Subsequently, a roundtable discussion will explore how to enhance safety as a means of unlocking the potential offered by this technology.

The sessions will delve into subjects such as the potential use of AI in election disruption, the erosion of social trust, and the exacerbation of global inequalities.

Tech Secretary Michelle Donelan will deliver closing remarks.

The day will wrap up with a panel discussion centered around the theme of "transformative opportunities of AI for the public good," with a special emphasis on AI's contributions to education.

It was previously disclosed that the event would be limited to approximately 100 attendees, with a roughly equal distribution among cabinet ministers, CEOs from prominent AI firms, academics, and civil society representatives.

Notably, questions linger regarding who will be in attendance at the summit.

Graphcore specializes in designing processing units, a crucial component of AI infrastructure.

Notably, chip manufacturer Graphcore confirmed its invitation to the summit.

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