Alphabet Enhances Virtual Assistant With Bard

by Mayniaga

Google, under Alphabet's umbrella, is actively expanding its generative AI capabilities through its chatbot, Bard.

The latest development involves integrating Bard's AI technology into Google Assistant.

The integration of Assistant with Bard into mobile phone cameras and microphones will enable users to input images or audio for queries.

This enhancement to Google Assistant aims to assist users in tasks such as trip planning and email management, offering personalized reasoning and generative functions.

both of which are actively integrating generative AI capabilities into their virtual assistants.

This strategic move by Google also enhances its competitiveness against rivals like Apple and Amazon,

For instance, it has introduced AI-powered features to YouTube, such as Dream Screen, production tools, and YouTube Create.

Google's integration of generative AI capabilities aligns with its broader efforts across various products and services.

Additionally, the company is set to release Gemini, conversational AI software with extensive language models for chatbot optimization, text summarization, content generation, email drafts, music lyrics, and news articles.

Furthermore, Google launched Duet AI for Gmail, Drive, and Docs, offering meeting assistance, document summarization, and personalization.

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