Apple Vision Pro Revisited, for the First Time

by Mayniaga

The Vision Pro, priced at $3,499, has been somewhat of an enigma, but a brief 30-minute encounter with Apple's headset revealed surprising familiarity.

Setting up is akin to Face ID, and sliding it on is reminiscent of other VR headsets, albeit with an Apple touch.

Eye tracking setup follows, leading to the app launcher resembling Mac's Launchpad. A digital crown, akin to an Apple Watch, aids navigation, highlighting Apple's design continuity.

The fabric headband design distinguishes it, but the typical pressure on the head is present.

Spatial photos and videos can be captured with a side button, akin to an Apple Watch.

The swift and accurate vision tracking enhances user experience, and the demo showcased functional eye-controlled actions, such as selecting menu items and browsing.

Apple emphasized the Vision Pro's connection to the real world, with a front display showcasing the user's eyes and attention, adding a layer of social interaction to the experience.

The headset, with its 4K screens, delivers a higher-resolution virtual world, akin to Meta's Quest but powered by a potent M2-based computer.

The Vision Pro presents an intriguing leap into immersive technology, but its practical integration into the broader social and real-world context remains to be seen.

Despite the immersive encounter, the challenge lies in balancing the virtual and real worlds.

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