‘Bank Jugging’ Targets Central Florida Withdrawals

by Mayniaga

According to investigators, individuals are tailing drivers after they make cash withdrawals from a bank and subsequently ram into the victim's vehicle to seize the money.

There have been three instances involving elderly victims, one of whom is 90 years old.

Law enforcement notes that the perpetrators arrive in a car with tinted windows, often parking in a handicapped spot.

They wait for the individual to retrieve the cash, then trail them to their next stop, where they swiftly pilfer the funds before making a quick getaway.

“It’s become a crime trend since February in Orlando,”

Orlando police detective Aaron Goss said.

Shawn Glenn Sr. has been apprehended by law enforcement in connection with a minimum of two jugging incidents occurring in April and May.

Detectives reveal that he collaborated with his son, Shawn Glenn Jr., as well as his girlfriend, in a series of robberies throughout the Orlando region.

Efforts are ongoing to locate Glenn Jr., along with individuals Broderick Graves and Michael Fisher,

both suspected to have origins in the Houston area and linked to cases spanning the nation.

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