BMW CE 02 E-Motorbike Review

by Mayniaga

BMW's CE 02 E-Motorbike is a futuristic blend of various design elements,

featuring a mix of fork styles, handlebars, and seat reminiscent of iconic vehicles like the Tron Light Cycle and skateboard.

designed to appeal to younger demographics transitioning from ebikes and escooters to motorized transport.

Marketed as an "eParkourer" targeting Gen Z riders, the CE 02 stands out with its unique visual appeal,

the CE 02 competes with gas scooters and EVs in a similar price range, offering impressive acceleration and range suitable for urban environments.

While priced at £7,450 ($7,599) for the base model, and £8,495 for the higher-powered version,

the CE 02 delivers a responsive and stable ride, albeit with compromises in long-distance comfort and storage options.

Powered by a double-looped steel frame and equipped with high-end features like ABS and traction control,

the CE 02's success ultimately hinges on its revolutionary design and appeal to youthful riders with a taste for adventure and style.

Despite its innovative engineering and modern connectivity features, including a dedicated app for navigation and trip recording,

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