Captur Raises £2.2m for Innovative Image Recognition

by Mayniaga

Captur, a London-based company, has developed a platform that enables businesses to utilize smartphone cameras

for tailored image recognition applications in sectors such as logistics, transportation, and automotive.

Notable customers of Captur include HumanForest, a dockless bicycle hire firm, Dott, a micromobility company, and Moove, a vehicle financing company.

For instance, a delivery driver can use a smartphone camera to confirm that a package is at the correct address, potentially reducing fraud by up to 40%.

These funds will be instrumental in expanding Captur's technology into new sectors, with a particular focus on retail.

The recently concluded seed funding round, exclusively disclosed to UKTN, was spearheaded by Sure Valley Ventures, and it raised £3.5 million.

It has partnered with rapid delivery startup Zapp in London, enabling fleet riders to track vehicle conditions by scanning QR codes on assets.

Although Captur's technology has been primarily applied in the micromobility sector, the company is broadening its horizons.

As mentioned by Bax, in the delivery sector alone, companies can spend considerable sums on refunds and customer support, in addition to providing a frustrating experience for customers.

Founded in 2020 by Charlotte Bax, Captur was incubated by Google for Startups, where Bax participated in the Female Founder Resident program.

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