China's A.I. Race Tied to U.S. Tech

by Mayniaga

In November, 01.AI, a new Chinese startup,

made waves by leveraging Meta's technology to climb the A.I. leaderboard, signaling China's reliance on U.S. systems.

prompting concerns about innovation and geopolitical implications.

China's tech landscape, including 01.AI's success, reflects its lag behind the U.S. in generative A.I.,

companies like Baidu are venturing into generative A.I., intensifying the "battle of 100 models."

Despite China's regulatory challenges and censorship,

but entrepreneurs like Wang Changhu of AIsphere push forward with breakthroughs like video generation.

China faces hurdles, including U.S. restrictions on A.I. chip sales,

a Hollywood-like video generator, underscores the ongoing technological competition between nations.

However, even as Chinese firms advance, OpenAI's recent unveiling of Sora,

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