Chrome on iOS and Android Enhances URL Typo Detection

by Mayniaga

Google's Chrome browser on iOS and Android devices will now assist users by identifying possible URL typos and providing suggested corrections, as Google announced in a recent blog post.

This accessibility feature, initially introduced in the computer version of Chrome, is particularly valuable for individuals with dyslexia and those learning a new language.

When fully implemented, this tool will prevent users from inadvertently accessing suspicious websites due to typing errors.

However, following the update to the Chrome app on iOS, the feature appears to be not yet available as it does not correct errors like "" or ""

These include tags to identify disabled-owned businesses, much like existing tags for women-owned, LGBTQ-plus-owned, Black-owned, Asian-owned, Latino-owned, and veteran-owned businesses.

In addition to this URL typo detection, Google is launching several other accessibility-focused features in Google Maps.

Furthermore, various new accessibility features are being introduced for other Google products.

Google Maps will also allow users to find businesses with wheelchair-accessible transit navigation, step-free entrances, accessible restrooms, parking, and seating, all accessible on both iOS and Android.

Additionally, the Guided Frame feature, designed to assist blind or low-vision users in taking better selfies, is now accessible on Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, with plans to extend compatibility to Pixel 6 and newer devices later this year.

Pixel owners with a Pixel 5 or newer can use the Magnifier tool for their camera, allowing them to zoom in on details like street signs or sewing threads.

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