Colorful Rainbow Bagel Craze Sweeps Food Scene

by Teknotuf

Scot Rossillo, known as the bagel artist, has a unique twist on the classic bagel that is bound to leave you either delighted or bewildered.

At his Brooklyn-based bakery, the Bagel Shop, he offers the mesmerizing rainbow bagel, a one-of-a-kind creation crafted to give customers an unparalleled experience.

Crafting a batch of these intricate and colorful treats requires five hours of dedicated, hands-on effort to produce just 100 pieces.

In comparison, within the same time frame, the shop could churn out 1,000 traditional bagels.

The rainbow bagel, known for its Instagram-worthy appeal, is paired with Rossillo's extravagant creation called Funfetti cream cheese.

This delightful spread combines cream cheese frosting, crumbled yellow cake, and an array of colorful sprinkles, making it a true "more-is-more" masterpiece.

The nostalgia trip doesn't stop there. At The Bagel Shop, you can find more childhood-inspired delights like the cotton candy bagel (topped with real tufts of cotton candy),

a scrumptious French toast bagel, and seasonal treats like candy corn bagels and Valentine's bagels served with delectable red velvet cream cheese.

If you're craving more than just a sugar rush, no need to fret – The Bagel Shop has got you covered!

They offer nationwide shipping to satisfy your bagel desires anywhere in the U.S.

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