EU's Horizon Scheme: Impact on UK Research

by Mayniaga

Horizon Europe, with a substantial €95.5 billion budget, is a pivotal opportunity for global collaboration in research and innovation.

Administered by the EU, it aims to bridge gaps, fostering breakthrough solutions to global challenges and creating a cohesive union of minds.

The scheme also addresses inter-country disparities, striving for equal opportunities.

The program, spanning 2021 to 2027, revolves around three pillars. Pillar 1 strengthens European research, Pillar 2 focuses on diverse research areas, and Pillar 3 supports startups and SMEs.

engaging EU talent for impactful outcomes that contribute to a prosperous and sustainable world.

Horizon Europe promotes multidisciplinary collaboration,

This collaboration opens avenues for UK researchers to address limitations, leading to breakthroughs in healthcare, technology, and economic opportunities.

As an associate member, the UK benefits from Horizon Europe, gaining access to funding and R&D collaborations.

and innovative scientific research, paving the way for a strengthened position in the global arena.

Rejoining Horizon Europe enhances the UK's global standing through international collaborations, technological development,

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