Fading Interest in COVID Vaccine Cards?

by Mayniaga

COVID-19 cases are showing a slight increase in the U.S., yet specialists believe we won't revert to a time where vaccine cards were mandatory as IDs for dining, entertainment, or travel.

Are we ready to bid farewell to these cards? Let's explore expert opinions.

Do COVID vaccine cards matter?

Dr. David Buchholz, senior founding medical director of Columbia Primary Care and assistant professor of pediatrics at Columbia University, shares with Yahoo Life that he believes COVID vaccine cards have lost their significance.

Who might still need to show proof of vaccination?

However, this doesn't make them entirely obsolete. Certain individuals, particularly those in healthcare, will continue to require proof of vaccination.

So what should I do with my card?

While keeping your vaccine card accessible daily is unnecessary, don't discard it just yet.

What if I've lost it?

Should you misplace your COVID vaccination card, Buchholz assures there's no need to fret.

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