First Look: Espresso 17 Pro Smart Display

by Mayniaga

The new Espresso 17 Pro portable touchscreen monitor is set to launch in mid-November, offering a larger, brighter, and smarter display.

This third-generation product from Espresso is specifically designed for professional creatives, including animators, artists, illustrators, content creators, and producers.

Priced at $1499, it offers seamless integration with both Windows and Mac systems, with effortless plug-and-play setup via a single USB-C connection that handles both power and video transmission, enabling you to extend your workspace wherever you are.

With its generous 17.3-inch diagonal display, the 17 Pro provides ample screen space for high-end multi-screen productivity on the go.

This design allows you to enjoy approximately 25% more screen real estate without sacrificing portability—it can still fit into your carry-on bag comfortably.

The Espresso 17 Pro, despite its larger screen, maintains a compact form factor thanks to a reduced 'chin' in its aerospace-grade aluminum chassis.

When paired with the new $199 Espresso Charge power bank, the 17 Pro is not constrained by the reduced brightness levels often imposed on external displays by a laptop's limited 10-15W USB-C output.

In terms of brightness, the Espresso 17 Pro rivals Apple's latest MacBook Pro 14, which offers 500 nits of brightness in standard HD mode.

It transforms this display into a versatile input device that seamlessly integrates with native Mac and Windows features using intuitive tap and swipe gestures.

Beyond its impressive hardware, new software enhances the Espresso 17 Pro's capabilities.

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