GM's Robotaxi Faces Public Ridicule in Hearing

by Mayniaga

General Motors' autonomous vehicle division, Cruise, faced severe criticism from a California judge,

who likened its conduct to the duplicitous TV character Eddie Haskell after a detrimental collision thwarted its expansion plans.

Cruise was accused of attempting to conceal the incident, potentially facing a hefty fine.

The incident involved a pedestrian being dragged by a Cruise robotaxi named "Panini," leading to the suspension of its California license.

Judge Mason expressed frustration with Cruise's inconsistent communication during the hearing, invoking the analogy of Eddie Haskell to highlight the company's perceived evasiveness.

Despite a new management team's admission of incomplete disclosure to regulators, Cruise attempted to downplay its intentions of deceit.

The hearing occurred shortly after Cruise released a report acknowledging mishandling of the incident, attributing some issues to internet connection problems and poor leadership within the company.

While Cruise emphasized its desire to move forward and accept responsibility, Judge Mason hinted at a reluctance to approve the settlement, indicating a preference for further deliberation.

reflecting the challenges and setbacks faced in the pursuit of automated transportation solutions.

As Cruise navigates through legal proceedings and internal restructuring, its parent company General Motors has scaled back its ambitious revenue targets for the autonomous vehicle service,

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