Google Debuts AI Training Courses

by Mayniaga

Google has introduced a range of training resources centered on generative AI.

Two comprehensive learning paths are now available on Google Cloud Skills Boost.

The “Generative AI for Developers” path includes technical hands-on labs and courses designed for software developers and engineers.

An “Introduction to Generative AI” path contains introductory, non-technical courses suited for sales, marketing, HR, and operations roles.

Google assures that these training resources will receive regular updates to stay current with the ever-evolving advancements in the field.

Both learning paths offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, encompassing video courses, practical labs, and the chance to acquire skill badges.

Google's Introduction to Generative AI course is available at no cost and can be completed in just 45 minutes. This non-technical introductory path covers topics such as responsible AI principles and the business implications of generative AI.

Introductory Path

The "Generative AI for Developers" course is designed for app developers, machine learning engineers, and data scientists. To access the advanced path, you must first finish the prerequisite courses "Introduction to Responsible AI" and "Generative AI Fundamentals."

Advanced Path

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