Google Meet Enhances Group Video Calls to 1080p

by Mayniaga

Google has expanded the capability to stream high-quality 1080p webcam feeds during group calls for its Workspace subscribers.

Initially, this feature was introduced for one-on-one sessions in April. Now, it's available for group web calls involving three or more participants.

Once enabled, a 1080p icon in the upper right corner of the video box confirms its activation.

To activate this feature, participants with Full HD (or better) webcams can accept a prompt that appears on the join screen.

Settings for sending and receiving high-quality video can be adjusted under Settings > Video on the web, with automatic quality adjustments based on network bandwidth.

High-quality video is viewable when the enabled user is pinned or if the viewer's screen is large enough to support higher resolution.

Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Plus,

This latest update is accessible to Workspace subscribers, including Business Standard,

However, Google One users who pay for services may not benefit from this feature and will be limited to one-on-one 1080p calls.

Education Plus, and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, along with Workspace Individual subscribers.

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