GoTyme Bank Puts People First in Iris Singapore Campaign

by Mayniaga

In the Philippines, internet-based banking has seen a surge in popularity over the last decade,

with automated responses and chatbots becoming the norm for customer service in the industry.

Unlike its competitors, GoTyme Bank doesn't rely on automated responses or chatbots. When users require assistance, they can expect to engage with a real person who caters to their needs with genuine human intuition and empathy.

GoTyme Bank has distinguished itself by offering a unique approach – it places a strong emphasis on human customer service.

It revolves around the idea that as the world becomes increasingly digital, banks need to retain a strong human touch.

This distinctive approach inspired Iris Singapore to develop a campaign for GoTyme Bank.

The campaign, launched on October 5th, kicks off with a touching film titled "The Lonely Bot."

This concept strikes a chord as the world of digital banking evolves.

tells an emotional story that underscores the importance of human connection, particularly in a world marked by relentless technological advancement.

This film, produced by Directors Think Tank and directed by Rajay Singh,

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