Hilary Duff’s Unique School Homecoming Solution

by Mayniaga

Around Los Angeles, she's also known for something else:

"I can't tell you how many people will stop me in L.A. and be like, 'You came to my homecoming!'" she tells Yahoo Entertainment.

However, she managed to find an alternative. On a particular occasion, the actress joined her Lizzie McGuire co-star Clayton Snyder, who portrayed Ethan Craft, at one of his school's formal events.

Duff, naturally, began her career as a child star and received homeschooling starting in third grade, which excluded her from personal school events.

"One with him and one with just like another friend."

"I actually went to two homecomings," Duff said.

According to his recollection, his mother had suggested that he invite Duff to accompany him—not as a date—but to provide her with a "normal kid experience."

Snyder recounted this incident last month on an episode of the Vulnerable podcast, hosted by another Disney alumnus, Christy Carlson Romano.

There was immediately "a big circle around her" and guys would try to "start dancing with her."

Only thing was that everyone noticed the star was there.

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