Hologram Lecturers Amaze at UK University

by Mayniaga

UK universities, led by Loughborough University, are adopting holographic technology to introduce global guest lecturers into classrooms.

This innovation, set to be fully integrated into the curriculum in 2025, provides a more engaging and real learning experience compared to traditional methods like Zoom calls.

Professor Vikki Locke emphasizes the appeal of holographic guest speakers, enhancing the overall classroom experience.

Loughborough students express a strong preference for holographic lectures, finding them more dynamic and engaging than standard presentations.

These holographic units are expected to bring experts into classrooms, transcending geographical barriers and offering a more interactive educational environment.

LA-based Proto, known for its holographic units used by major companies, collaborates with Loughborough University to revolutionize the learning experience.

This shift could democratize holographic interactions, extending beyond academic institutions to various sectors.

Proto plans to introduce smaller, more affordable holographic units, making this technology accessible to a wider audience.

This futuristic application hints at the broader potential of holographic technology across industries, promising immersive and lifelike interactions.

David Nussbaum, founder of Proto, envisions AI-driven holograms that could resurrect historical figures like Stephen Hawking.

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