Iconic Retail: Inside UK's Largest Marks and Spencer

by Mayniaga

1. Oxford Street, London

The M&S flagship on Oxford Street spans 60,000 sq ft, an architectural gem integrated into London's retail scene for a comprehensive shopping experience.

Near Trafalgar Square, the 50,000 sq ft M&S store harmoniously unites tradition and contemporary sophistication, reflecting modern London living.

2. Trafalgar Square, London

In the Bullring, Birmingham's 45,000 sq ft M&S store radiates city-centric elegance, attracting shoppers with quality products and an elevated experience.

3. Birmingham Bullring

Within Manchester Arndale Centre, the 40,000 sq ft M&S store offers urban shopping bliss, catering to the city's dynamic lifestyle with curated M&S products.

4. Manchester Arndale Centre

Gateshead Metrocentre's 35,000 sq ft M&S store stands as a retail haven in the North East, strategically located with diverse offerings and a distinctive identity.

5. Gateshead Metrocentre

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