Iconic Texas Swimming Hole Dries Amid Tears

by Mayniaga

“Normally, this spring will flow 4 million gallons a day. Right now we’re at zero,” Hays County Park Manager Jay Taylor said in July.

“And it’s not looking good in the future.”

Situated in Wimberley, Jacob’s Well earned its name back in the early 1850s when a Texas settler stumbled upon its allure, as recounted by officials from Hays County.

Captivated by its beauty, the settler drew a parallel to the ancient wells described in the Bible.

Abundantly filled with pristine water maintaining a constant temperature of 68 degrees, it's easy to comprehend why Jacob’s Well could invoke spiritual or emotional sentiments in Texans.

It used to be a cherished spot for both locals and visitors to central Texas.

Ordinarily, it offered an ideal opportunity for picturesque photographs or a rejuvenating swim,

with its seemingly unfathomable depths perfect for cannonball leaps.

However, since June 2022, swimming has been prohibited at the well, as confirmed by water management authorities, and it's improbable that this policy will be amended in the near future.

Recent photographs depict the water levels at Jacob's Well significantly reduced, revealing a water-filled chamber encircled by parched rock and soil.

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