Kvantify's Quantum Expansion: Now in the UK

by Mayniaga

In its expansion into the UK, the quantum startup has established a partnership with the chemistry department

at King's College London to delve into novel quantum applications while also sponsoring a PhD student.

"We firmly believe that London provides the ideal ecosystem for our software solutions to thrive. The city's dynamic tech community and access to top talent perfectly align with our growth objectives."

Hans Henrik Knudsen, Kvantify's co-founder and CEO, stated,

These UK-based professionals complement the existing 50-plus employees in Denmark.

The latest additions to the team include Michael Carter (head of drug discovery), Giulio Mattedi (cheminformatics specialist), Daniela Dolciami (senior computational chemist), and Rob Ziolek (computational chemistry specialist).

The London-based team will focus on leveraging "physical simulations and machine learning" in the field of drug discovery.

Kvantify is actively exploring the applications of quantum computing within financial services, logistics, and pharmaceuticals.

This expansion comes in the wake of Benevolent AI's decision earlier this year to reduce its workforce by half.

How aHenrik Knudsen emphasized that Kvantify is now aiming to strengthen its presence in the UK and Europe after establishing itself as a "significant player" in Denmark.to Use Generative AI Wallpapers on Pixel 8 Series

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