MacBook Pro With OLED Display: A 3-Year Wait

by Mayniaga

According to Ross Young, CEO of research firm Display Supply Chain Consultants,

Apple's initial MacBook Pro models featuring OLED displays won't be available for at least another three years.

it will take a few years for Apple's supply chain partners to establish manufacturing lines for mass production of OLED panels suitable for laptops.

During a recent display-focused webinar with Bloomberg Intelligence's Woo Jin Ho, Young explained that

a higher contrast ratio with deeper blacks, improved power efficiency for extended battery life, and more.

Compared to the current MacBook Pro models featuring LCD screens, OLED technology offers advantages like enhanced brightness,

However, it's not until 2026 that the first iPad Air and iPad mini models with OLED displays are expected to make their debut.

As part of the ongoing speculation, Young reiterated that the upcoming iPad Pro models set to launch in 2024 will come equipped with OLED displays.

Over the years, Young has consistently provided reliable information regarding display technology for upcoming Apple products, earning him a reputation for accuracy in this field.

Consequently, Young confirmed that these devices will continue to feature LCD screens next year.

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