Meet the Game-Changers: 6 UK Tech Companies

by Mayniaga

1. ThousandEyes (part of Cisco)

ThousandEyes, linked with Cisco, is a digital experience monitoring tech company with a London office. Their software ensures the health of digital networks, promptly detecting issues affecting user experience.

Deliveroo uses logistics software to connect customers with online food and grocery delivery. Operating in a three-sided marketplace, it serves diners in underserved areas and provides access to a vast network of over 160,000 businesses.

2. Deliveroo

3. Computacenter

Computacenter specializes in sourcing and managing tech infrastructures for businesses, transforming existing systems with updated technology solutions.

OnFido, a cybersecurity company, employs AI for identity verification, covering document and biometric verification and fraud detection, aiming for reduced bias and increased speed.

4. OnFido

Moneybox, established in 2015, offers mobile app-based consumer finance services, serving over 1 million customers with secure tools for savings, checking accounts, investing, home loans, and retirement services.

5. Moneybox

Digital Catapult, an innovation agency, guides clients in adopting emerging technology, focusing on digital infrastructure, supply chains, and virtual environments, collaborating with various organizations to explore digital tech possibilities.

6. Digital Catapult

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