Modern Warfare 3 to Add CS:GO & Valorant Feature

by Mayniaga

The initial wave of beta testing for Modern Warfare 3 recently concluded, offering players a glimpse of what's in store for the latest installment.

Returning to classic maps like Rust and Estate, the addition of fresh weapons and entirely new equipment were some standout features of the first weekend.

Highrise is among the new maps, and fans are eagerly anticipating the adjustments acknowledged by Sledgehammer Games.

The second beta weekend, set to begin on October 12, promises even more content for players to explore.

If this proves true, the ability to "dodge flashes" may become a reality, much like it has been in games such as CS:GO and Valorant for years.

One exciting rumored change has garnered considerable attention among fans.

However, not all flash grenades function the same way. In games like CS:GO or Valorant, players with sharp reflexes can turn away from a flash, diminishing its blinding effect.

Flash grenades play a crucial role in first-person shooter titles. They enable players to clear corners, gain ground, or advance safely towards objectives.

Popular leaker TheGhostofHope suggests that Modern Warfare 3 may introduce a change, allowing players to evade the blinding impact of flash grenades.

Historically, Call of Duty games lacked this feature. A flash grenade would completely affect you, whether you looked away or if it exploded out of your line of sight.

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