New SecOps Rule: Customization vs. Automation

by Mayniaga

Security Operations Center (SOC) teams invest a considerable chunk of their time dealing with non-threatening events.

This has led to the growing adoption of automated solutions as a means to either replace or complement the cumbersome Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems.

As a result, modern SOCs have increasingly relied on automation to handle a substantial portion of these common threat signals.

Approximately 80% of threats encountered are similar across different organizations.

- Data Ingestion and Normalization - Detection - Investigation - Response


Leading vendors now introduce automation across various stages of the SOC workflow, elevating the speed and efficiency of teams. These four primary phases include:

Each organization has distinct needs, necessitating specific capabilities and tailored approaches.


Despite the substantial efficiency gains from automating these phases, a need for customization remains.

SIEM replacement vendors like Hunters, recognized as leaders in GigaOm's Autonomous SOC report, are renowned for their user-friendly pre-built capabilities.

In the pursuit of effective SOC implementation, it's essential to look for vendors offering both customizable tools and automated features, enhancing the autonomous aspects of their offerings.

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