OnePlus Open Unveils Impressive Design and Specs

by Mayniaga

The highly anticipated OnePlus Open, OnePlus' first foldable smartphone, is set to debut this week, and a series of leaks have provided in-depth details about its design and specifications.

These recent leaks come from three reliable sources: Max Jambor, Ishan Argawal, and Yogesh Brar, offering the most comprehensive glimpse of the forthcoming foldable device to date.

The camera bump has been shrouded in secrecy in previous official teasers, but now it's revealed to be substantial, occupying over a third of the device's back.

Beginning with the design, images released by these sources provide a detailed look at the OnePlus Open's design, which includes the camera bump.

The primary Sony sensor is said to be comparable to the 1-inch Sony IMX989 sensor, a common feature in high-end Chinese Android phones.

The camera setup is reported to include a 48MP primary camera equipped with a Sony LYTIA-T808 sensor, along with 48MP and 64MP cameras for the ultrawide and 3x telephoto lenses.

Furthermore, we get a glimpse of the inner display and its right-aligned selfie camera cutout.

In terms of color variants, the OnePlus Open will be available in "Emerald Dusk" green and "Voyager Black."

While this is an impressive claim, real-world performance will need to validate it.

It notably outshines other foldables on the market, with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 peaking at 1,750 nits.

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