OpenAI Introduces New ChatGPT Feature Amid CEO Drama

by Mayniaga

ChatGPT has now extended its voice feature to all users free of charge.

OpenAI recently announced the availability of this feature in a post on X (formerly Twitter), allowing users to access ChatGPT's voice interaction by tapping the headphones icon in the mobile app, enabling both voice input and audible responses.

However, it has now been made accessible to all users.

Initially introduced in September, the capability to engage ChatGPT with voice and images was restricted to paying users.

the announcement on X included a playful reference to the ongoing drama that has unfolded within the company.

Amidst internal disruptions at OpenAI, marked by the sudden removal of their CEO and ongoing negotiations for his reinstatement,

resembling the number of OpenAI employees, a majority of whom threatened resignation unless the entire board stepped down.

The demonstration scenario in OpenAI's X post humorously involves someone asking ChatGPT how many 16-inch pizzas are needed for 778 people,

Subsequently, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella extended an invitation to Altman and his team to launch a new division at Microsoft.

The previous week witnessed the dismissal of OpenAI's co-founder and CEO, Sam Altman, due to concerns about his lack of consistent communication with the board.

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