Paul Reubens' Heartfelt Videos and Texts Remembered

by Mayniaga

The late star, who passed away at 70 after a private battle with cancer, 

made a habit of sending personal birthday greetings to friends and acquaintances.

These messages ranged from videos and cards to memes and humorous GIFs.

Reubens's extensive circle of friends was a testament to this thoughtful gesture.

Daryl Hannah, who described Reubens as "sensitive, sweet, caring,"

highlighted his knack for remembering birthdays and sending heartfelt messages, even before the internet era.

Many social media tributes after his passing emphasized this considerate quality.

Jimmy Kimmel, reflecting on Reubens's comedic brilliance and prolific career, underlined that he never forgot a birthday.

Mark Ryden hailed him as the "ultimate 'birthday king'," and if you found yourself on his list, your special day would be showered with an abundance of texts, gifs, and sincere messages.

His ability to make you feel cherished was truly remarkable. He was an extraordinary individual."

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