Samsung's New Model to Feature Real-Time Translation

by Mayniaga

Samsung Electronics revealed its plans to introduce a real-time call translation service next year,

utilizing AI technology that aims to streamline multilingual conversations, akin to the simplicity of "turning on closed captions."

yielding breakthroughs like chatbots simulating human speech and software producing remarkably realistic images and videos.

As part of the burgeoning artificial intelligence wave, Samsung, a prominent player among tech companies, has been investing considerably in AI advancements,

set for an early release next year, will integrate the new real-time translation feature.

The tech giant, known as the world's largest smartphone manufacturer, disclosed that the upcoming Galaxy flagship model,

a Samsung spokesperson informed AFP, although the number of supported languages is yet to be determined.

This feature will facilitate "real-time translation in both audio and text while on the call,"

Samsung has likened using the translation feature to the simplicity of activating closed captions during streaming, ensuring secure and private conversations confined within the phones.

What makes this innovation stand out is its ability to translate calls even when the person at the other end uses a non-Samsung device, employing "on-device AI technology."

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