‘Self-Healing’ Smartphone Displays Coming in 5 Years

by Mayniaga

A forecast from analyst firm CCS Insight suggests that smartphones equipped with self-repairing displays could potentially hit the market by 2028.

These displays could employ a "nano coating" that, when scratched, generates a new material that reacts with air to mend the blemish.

with the primary challenge being the accurate management of expectations.

The feasibility of this technology is within reach, as emphasized by Wood during a recent CNBC call,

Back in 2013, LG, the South Korean electronics giant, introduced self-healing technology in its smartphones.

The concept of self-repairing smartphone displays has been on the tech horizon for some time.

although the precise workings of the technology remained undisclosed at that time.

One of its devices, the G Flex, boasted a vertically curved screen and a self-healing coating on the back cover,

We’re not talking about smashed screens miraculously coming back. This is all just little cosmetic scratches,” Wood told CNBC.

“There’s some new technologies that people are working on right now that looks as though this could become something that people have another go with.

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