Sony Confronts $7.9B Lawsuit on Store Prices

by Mayniaga

A London tribunal has decided that Sony (6758.T) will face a substantial lawsuit amounting to a potential 6.3 billion pounds ($7.9 billion) due to allegations of exploiting its dominant position,

leading to unfair pricing for consumers, specifically those who bought digital games or add-on content via the PlayStation Store in the United Kingdom.

Neill's legal team estimated the total damages in court filings last month at 6.3 billion pounds.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of nearly 9 million people, is being pursued by consumer advocate Alex Neill, valuing the case at approximately 5 billion pounds ($6.23 billion) plus interest.

which charges a 30% commission, resulted in inflated prices for consumers compared to potential alternative markets.

The claim alleges that Sony's requirement to exclusively buy and sell digital games and add-ons via the PlayStation Store,

However, the Competition Appeal Tribunal allowed Neill's case to proceed, with an exception for individuals who made PlayStation Store purchases after the lawsuit was initiated in 2022, removing them from the proposed claimant class.

Sony's legal representatives countered, labeling the case as fundamentally flawed and suggested its dismissal.

Sony has not yet responded to requests for comment.

Neill expressed that the tribunal's ruling marks a significant step toward ensuring fair consumer compensation.

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