Starfield Introduces FOV Slider for Expansive Play

by Mayniaga

Starfield enthusiasts, take heed! The latest 1.7.36 update from Bethesda ushers in a long-awaited treat - an adjustable field of view (FOV) slider for the game.

This update, while not extensive in changes, fulfills Bethesda's commitment to provide an in-game FOV slider, saving players from the hassle of tweaking .ini files to make these adjustments.

Starfield's latest patch, concerning "Fixes and improvements," succinctly lists four bullet points.

Yet, aside from this significant addition, there's not much else to report.

Lastly, we encounter the enigmatic "Various additional stability and performance improvements," which bundles numerous tweaks into a single, yet information-light sentence.

The FOV slider and improved stability for Intel Arc GPUs make up two of these. The patch also addresses a fix for the "Echoes of the Past" quest.

With any luck, Bethesda will soon fulfill its promise of delivering proper DLSS support, reducing Nvidia users' reliance on mods and, ideally, ensuring smoother gameplay in New Atlantis.

Nonetheless, the inclusion of the FOV slider is a welcome development, addressing a puzzling absence since the game's launch.

who has somewhat drifted away from Starfield a mere month after its release, hope endures.

Although this may not suffice to retain players like PCG's Chris Livingston,

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