Sweden's Largest 5 IKEA Retailers

by Mayniaga

1. IKEA Älmhult

Situated in the town of Älmhult, the birthplace of IKEA, this store holds historical significance and offers a unique shopping experience.

Located near Gothenburg, this store is one of the largest in Sweden and features a diverse selection of products.

2. IKEA Gothenburg Kållered

Situated near Malmö, this store caters to a large customer base and provides a convenient location for shoppers.

3. IKEA Malmö Svågertorp

This store offers a convenient location for shoppers in the Stockholm area and boasts a wide selection.

4. IKEA Stockholm Kungens Kurva

Located near Uppsala, this store caters to the needs of local residents and offers a diverse range of furniture and homeware options.

5. IKEA Uppsala Boländerna

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