Tech Firm Sorted Acquired for £66.73 After $100M Raise

by Mayniaga

Manchester-based delivery tech firm Sorted has undergone a reverse takeover by AIM-listed company Location Sciences for a nominal fee of £66.73,

following Sorted's previous funding rounds that raised over £70 million.

enhancing operational efficiency for major ecommerce partners like Asda, Lush, and ASOS.

Founded in 2010, Sorted specializes in software for analyzing delivery performance,

the acquisition presents a significant opportunity for Location Sciences to leverage Sorted's advanced technology and capitalize on its substantial capital investment.

Despite an estimated valuation of up to £189.4 million in 2021,

marks a strategic move for Location Sciences.

The deal, which includes the assumption of Sorted's outstanding debt of £4.7 million,

following the proposal of the deal in June of the previous year.

With more than 60 employees, Sorted's team is set to join Location Sciences,

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