Tesco's Retail Giants: Unveiling the UK's Largest Store

by Mayniaga

1. Woolwich Central, Wembley, London

The Woolwich Central Tesco in Wembley, London, is the UK's largest, covering 84,000 square feet and integrating 259 residential apartments for a unique community hub blending shopping and urban living.

The Tesco Extra in Walkden, Greater Manchester, is the second-largest Tesco, spanning 17,230 square feet. Beyond a supermarket, it serves as a community hub, prioritizing innovation for a seamless shopping experience.

2. Walkden, Greater Manchester

The St Helens Tesco Extra in Merseyside offers 13,000 square feet of shopping space. Its strategic development near the rugby league stadium establishes a symbiotic relationship between sports and shopping.

3. St Helens, Merseyside

The Warrington Tesco Extra, covering 13,000 square feet, is conveniently located off the M62 motorway, providing a vast shopping space and a strategic stop for those on the go.

4. Warrington, Cheshire

The Slough Tesco Extra, spanning 12,000 square feet, caters to South shoppers in Berkshire, offering a comprehensive range of products and an extraordinary shopping experience.

5. Slough, Berkshire

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