The Most Iconic Diner in Every State

by Mayniaga

Alabama: City Cafe Diner

Upon entering City Cafe Diner in Huntsville, your attention will be drawn to shelves of homemade cakes adorned with fluffy frostings. While all the luscious desserts are tempting, we highly recommend trying the "volcano."

California: Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner

Nestled in Yermo's scorching desert, Peggy Sue’s is a burst of vivid pastels and '50s memorabilia.

Florida: Peter Pan Diner

This Florida diner, a favored late-night spot of renowned bassist Jaco Pastorius (of Weather Report), shares a perpetual youthfulness with its namesake, Peter Pan.

New York: Ellen’s Stardust Diner

With singing servers and cascades of confetti, how could you not feel joy at Ellen’s in the heart of New York? Beyond the vibrant atmosphere, this Broadway icon offers an array of delectable dishes.

Wyoming: Johnny J’s Diner

When a hand-spun milkshake is all you crave, Casper, Wyoming awaits. Johnny J’s '50s-style soda fountain is the place for thick, creamy shakes, malts, soda pop, and fizzy floats—sure to satisfy any palate.

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