UK Gov Allocates £37M for Applied AI Projects

by Mayniaga

Government funding will support a wide array of AI projects, spanning sectors from fashion to agriculture, as preparations for the AI Safety Summit intensify.

An additional £5 million has been allocated for feasibility studies encompassing 100 projects involving UK small businesses, with the aim of promoting AI readiness across all industries.

Other funded ventures include TradeWork's AI-assisted project management system and DeepPlanet's AI tool for predicting diseases in wine grape plants using satellite imagery.

Among the latest recipients of government support is Kapdaa, a sustainable fashion brand utilizing AI for textile and fiber recycling.

"AI can and will transform what is possible in the world of work, unlocking gains in productivity and efficiency that could never have been imagined before."

Tech Secretary Michelle Donelan emphasized the transformative potential of AI when deployed safely and responsibly, stating,

Dr. Kedar Pandya, Executive Director, Cross-Council Programs at UKRI, highlighted that the feasibility projects will demonstrate how AI can be integrated into various industries and sectors,

This funding is derived from the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Technology Missions Fund and will be administered by the Innovate UK BridgeAI program.

The UK government is actively encouraging businesses in the UK to explore AI's potential uses as it prepares to host its inaugural international AI safety summit.

while a new competition will facilitate partnerships between small, medium, and large businesses and academic and research institutions.

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