UK Quantum Strengths Make Global Impact

by Mayniaga

In the evolving landscape of technological advancements, the United Kingdom recognizes quantum as a strategically vital technology, emphasizing its importance from national security to educational opportunities.

Joe White, the UK’s tech envoy to the US, highlights the nation's strength in quantum science, research, and a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, positioning it as a leader in quantum technology—a key strategic priority.

White notes the UK's commitment to five strategic technologies, including quantum, with a focused strategy that started in 2014.

The UK, being a pioneer in quantum science, swiftly recognized the disruptive potential of quantum technology, gaining an early-mover advantage.

The UK strategically focuses on these critical technologies as part of its broader plan to navigate and lead in the global tech landscape.

White envisions a spectrum of interrelatedness among AI, synthetic biology, and quantum technologies, foreseeing a deep tech convergence.

White emphasizes the optimism in both countries about the meaningful economic and strategic implications of quantum technology.

The UK and the US share a robust collaboration in quantum technology, evident in strong R&D relationships and mutual investments.

The UK, already a leader in technologies like photonics, is poised to play a significant role in the emerging supply chain.

Contrary to common perceptions, White emphasizes that quantum technology extends beyond quantum computing.

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