UK Seeks Budget-Friendly AI Policy Expert

by Mayniaga

The UK government is actively seeking to hire a "Deputy Director for AI International," a significant leadership role that, while offering a competitive £75,000 ($92,000) per year and a Civil Service pension,

might appear modest when compared to the lucrative packages extended by tech giants like Meta (offering $1.175 million for lab roles in Menlo Park).

The role is recognized as pivotal in addressing the profound societal changes brought about by AI and preparing the government's response, including the forthcoming AI Safety Summit, described as a unique and fast-paced event in a dynamic environment.

Nonetheless, the British administration is undeterred by the vast pay differences in the tech industry.

guiding international discussions at esteemed forums like the G7, G20, OECD, and UN, and ensuring the alignment of local AI policy with global ambitions.

The responsibilities of this role encompass maintaining AI leadership after the November summit, offering "thought leadership" on global AI developments, building influential networks,

They should possess robust analytical and prioritization skills and the ability to inspire diverse teams.

The ideal candidate should have a demonstrated history of influencing senior decision-makers, ideally at the Secretary of State level, while building effective networks to advance an agenda.

Additionally, the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology will contribute £20,250 toward enrollment in the Civil Service Defined Benefit Pension scheme.

In return for these responsibilities and qualifications, the chosen candidate will receive an annual salary of £75,000.

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