UK’s 5 Largest IKEA Locations Revealed

by Mayniaga

Rating: 4.3 (22109)

An unparalleled experience awaits. Browse, observe the arrangement, and gather inspiration for your own ideas. A visit is valuable, allowing you to explore an array of displays throughout the day.

IKEA Wembley

Rating: 4.3 (20949)

Discover a comprehensive range for furnishing your home, including items for both indoors and outdoors.

IKEA Birmingham

Rating: 4.3 (20085)

Impeccably organized, the store epitomizes efficiency. The staff is helpful, the layout is well-designed, and cleanliness is maintained above all.

IKEA Warrington

Rating: 4.3 (16895)

Address: Lakeside Retail Park, Heron Way, Grays RM20 3WJ, United Kingdom

IKEA Lakeside

Rating: 4.3 (16216)

Address: Goslington, Bletcham Way, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK1 1QB, United Kingdom

IKEA Milton Keynes

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